The Benefits to Merchant Partners

  • Brand Exposure to 10000 Members and Prospects
  • New Customers to try your product
  • Combines Revenue Generation with Advertising
  • Reward Customer Loyalty
  • Ability to Drive Business on Low Traffic Days
  • Make More Money

Based on similar products in the Middle East. Vendor partners will achieve between 10-50% conversion depending on how compelling the offer is.

We offer a full ecosystem to market your business

We have built a total package of marketing channels that will drive both tourists and locals and massively increase sales

Our main product is the Dumadeals book of deals

Supported by:

  • Cutting edge website with tourist
    information and Merchant Partner Deals
  • Email marketing to 10,000 members every 2 weeks
  • Strong Social Media to drive awareness of Dumaguete tourism & businesses deals
  • World class graphic design and copy writing team to bring it all together